3 Warning Signs That Your Main Sewer Line Is Clogged


Indoor plumbing is one of the best and most necessary features of today’s modern homes. On any given day, people use their plumbing many, many times without giving it any thought. Fresh and clean water appears. Used water and other refuse disappear. It all makes one’s life so easy…

That is until something goes wrong. Toilet clogs and slow pipes can be bothersome enough. However, the worst issue you can face is a clog in your main sewer line. If you notice these 3 warning signs, it is that your main sewer line is clogged (or about to clog) and you need it serviced ASAP.

Drains Clogging or Draining Slowly

The occasional clogged toilet or slow drain is usually an isolated problem. It may only be due to a single incident and once cleared, the commode or bath will properly drain again. However, if you start having many drains and toilets that are not functioning properly, it could be a warning sign of sewer line issues.

Moreover, if many of them are suddenly clogged and not draining, it means you already have a clog in the main line. This is obviously a big problem and one that you cannot repair on your own. You will need a professional plumber to use their special tools to inspect and clear out that mainline.

Sewage Backing Up Through Other Pipes

Even worse than a slow drain or clogged toilet is a scenario where your toilets and wastewater start backing up into other pipes. What this means is that when you flush your toilet, the waste could come up in your bathtub. When you run the washer, the water could come up in your kitchen sink. This obviously very quickly makes your plumbing unusable and creates a very unsanitary situation.

If this scenario has started happening, you already have a blocked main sewer line. It is advisable to call an emergency plumbing service immediately. They will be able to get to work identifying the problem, which could be due to tree roots or built up debris and get your drains flowing again.

Drainage Around Your Sewer Clean Out

Like most homeowners, you may have never heard of a sewer clean out. This is a pipe that extends to the exterior of your home. It is available to be used by plumbers to clear out blockages in the main sewer line. If you are not sure where yours is located, it may be in your basement or outside, and it is usually labeled “sewage.” If your sewer cleanout has drainage around it, it is another significant sign of a clog.

Like in the other situations, if your sewer cleanout is showing signs of a main sewer line clog, you will need to bring in a plumber to correct the situation.

Problems with the main sewer line can be serious (not to mention costly), so it’s better to be safe than sorry – if you notice any warning sign, call your plumber immediately. One benefit of having a professional plumber tackle this tough job is their ability to make a lasting repair that’s effective and keeps your home safe. Additionally, plumbers can use video inspection and trenchless sewer repair that lets them find the cause of the main line clog and ensure it is thoroughly corrected with minimal disruption to your home.

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